I coach clients not to be dependent on me, but to learn proper techniques and safety. I also teach them what muscles they are training, how to achieve that mind-muscle connection, why they are doing the exercises they are doing, and how to design their own program if they are so interested.

I tailor the personal training program to my clients. Some clients prefer strictly weight resistance workouts while others enjoy weight-based circuit training with more info on technique. I also change the workouts on a daily basis so that my clients are never bored!

During that initial free consultation, we work through some questionnaires that allow me to get to know you as a person: what your lifestyle is like (family, work, recreational activities, eating habits, past and current exercise habits).

I then measure your weight, body fat, and lean muscle mass. I also take body measurements and “before” pictures. Finally, we discuss your outcome goals.

I help you write down specific outcome goals and some behaviour goals which will help you achieve those specific goals.

Challenging yourself and achieving your goals is the most empowering process you will ever experience. And I want to be here to help you with that process!