Mariah Powell

I started working with Lisa last October/November and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! As I always say, her own personal successes in the industry, her long term dedication to the fitness lifestyle, her high level of expertise in the gym that is clearly evident, as well as the successes of her clients speaks volumes! In terms of meal plan, she will tailor a diet to your specific needs/ goals and make regular changes, always looking to incorporate new types of food upon request! I have also trained one-on-one with Lisa on a regular weekly basis over the past year and still to this day am learning new variations of exercises and mind-muscle connections, constantly switching up programs and training styles! Lisa doesn’t simply hand you a program or a diet and send you on your way, the level of care and compassion she has for her clients sets her apart from most, in my opinion! She will make sure you not only understand everything but also enjoy your fitness journey, whatever that may be, along the way! Thank you for teaching me to love my body in all it’s forms Lisa, as well as teaching me to push myself past mental barriers in order to lift things I didn’t think I was capable of, I couldn’t be happier on both mental and physical levels and cannot wait to see what Nationals will bring for me working along side you.