Kristen Review

My husband and I started working with Lisa in mid September 2018. We had been struggling to lose weight and build, despite trying to eat our best and getting to the gym regularly. Lisa set us up with an eating plan and some guidelines and we started on our journey. Throughout it, my husband and I realized that there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet, as Lisa would tailor each of our eating plans to accommodate our bodies and make them respond. I lost weight at a nice and steady pace, but consistently. After the first 12 weeks, I was down 20 lbs :). We continued on as we knew we wanted to compete in the Vancouver Island Showdown in June of 2019.

All the way to competition time, Lisa had an eating plan for me that my body continually responded to. She helped me bring a physique to the stage that I NEVER thought I would have! We are now continuing with Lisa after the competition with a reverse diet ( so very important) and I am feeling amazing. We will definitely work with Lisa for our next competition and have acquired some fantastic tools to keep ourselves in check into the future. Thank you Lisa, your program was a life changer. I have never been so happy in my own skin!