At first I was intimidated by Lisa because of how hardcore she was whenever I saw her at the gym. About a year ago I finally had the guts to introduce myself. I congratulated her for competing at the Olympia where she was up against the best in the world for female bodybuilding. Since knowing she was also a trainer I told her I was interested in hiring someone for a diet and training routine. By summer 2013 I was on a diet and training program from Lisa and started to increase my strength and size.

I have always wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition which is why I took the diet and training to the next level. After going through a rough break-up with a girlfriend of almost 3 years and finishing up a stressful summer of work and school, there was no better time to endeavor a new goal. Lisa and I sat down to discuss training for the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2013 which happens every year in New Westminster in November. I have always trained and what I always thought was eating healthy. I learned my lesson once my diet from Lisa started for the event.

For 16 weeks I slowly decreased my calories from 4600 to barely 1800 calories. Each week I would weigh in with her before hitting the weights where she would guide me through an intense workout. She would take body fat, hydration, and weight to see how she would calculate my next week’s diet. Even with all her guidelines for diet and training she stresses the importance of listening to my body. Her motivation helped drive me to lose 40 pounds (18% body fat to 5% body fat). Everyone is unique which is why I needed to listen to my body to make the right diet and training adjustments. By doing this I was able to maximize the quality of my workouts and see results.

Lisa is an inspiration to me which has changed many aspects of my life. She did not just give me a diet and training program but helped build an unbreakable mind/body connection that has forced me to grow mentally stronger. This connection has assisted me even outside the gym, keeping me clear and open-minded. I have been sleeping better, training more intense, working harder, and simply feeling better every day. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle through a personalized diet and training program, there is no one more qualified to set you on track than Lisa.