Enrique Blanc Review

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

From Zero to Hero!

I started 6 months ago at around 205 lbs 18-19% body fat, had next to no gym experience, and no diet.

After going with Lisa about once a week I was able to change my daily eating habits, maximize time at the gym by practicing good form, learn about my personal biology and how my body adapts to change, was able to trim fat down to 11-12% finally see abs, bigger arms and a defined chest. My weight now is 175 lbs. I do see a big change. I was also working very hard but not killing myself.

Lisa is patient, understanding, interested in your development, knowledgeable in everything relating to gym equipment and routines, and takes a unique approach in knowing other people’s body’s are different, so they might different angles, injury restrictions, pre-setup, she has helped me find the specific nuances of my body to maximize on results. I think along with everything else I’ve learned this is also very unique to her, and probably one of the most rewarding things to have experienced.

I’d recommend Lisa a 100 times over if I could. She has been a positive impact in my life and body health. Thank you Lisa Ironworks!