Lost 23 lbs starting bodyfat was 29.4% final bodyfat was 20%

Lisa G is an extraordinary trainer and coach! I had been training on my own for about 8 months before I found her back in ’13. I had qualified for the BC Provincials ’14 and needed to get ready for it. I found her through a mutual friend and we got started right away. I was still building for a good 8 months before I started contest prep. Through Lisa’s training and nutrition program I was able to get my metabolism fired right back up and immediately started seeing results. I was gaining muscle in the areas I needed to and losing the excess fat I had at the time. Lisa and I had clicked right off the bat and I think that’s important between a trainer and a client. My body responded exactly the way we wanted it to and I couldn’t be more happier with the physique I brought to stage. As a figure competitor its important to be trained by someone who is experienced, who knows what the judges are looking for, and who has the utmost confidence in their clients. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and I highly recommend her to anyone who asks! She is serious about her business and serious about her training and it shows. When looking for a trainer, you want someone who not only talks the talk, but WALKS the WALK. She knows the ups and downs and doesn’t downplay prep at all. Dedication and hard work are understatements. Realize your true potential. Contact Lisa and achieve your dreams.