Lost 23 lbs starting bodyfat was 29.4 % final bodyfat was 20 %

Lisa G is an extraordinary trainer and coach! I had been training on my own for about 8 months before I found her back in '13. I had qualified for the BC Provincials '14 and needed to get ready for it. I found her through a mutual friend and we got started right away. I was still building for a good 8 months before I started contest prep. Through Lisa's training and nutrition program I was able to get my metabolism fired right back up and immediately started seeing results. I was gaining muscle in the areas I needed to and losing the excess fat I had at the time. Lisa and I had clicked right off the bat and I think that's important between a trainer and a client. My body responded exactly the way we wanted it to and I couldn't be more happier with the physique I brought to stage. As a figure competitor its important to be trained by someone who is experienced, who knows what the judges are looking for, and who has the utmost confidence in their clients. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and I highly recommend her to anyone who asks! She is serious about her business and serious about her training and it shows. When looking for a trainer, you want someone who not only talks the talk, but WALKS the WALK. She knows the ups and downs and doesn't downplay prep at all. Dedication and hard work are understatements. Realize your true potential. Contact Lisa and achieve your dreams.





Lost 44 lbs. Went from 35.4 % bodyfat to 19.6 % bodyfat

My life has changed for the better having met Lisa, my personal trainer.  She's wonderful.  Highly intelligent, and very informative in her training sessions.  I have lost nearly 80 pounds since I've started training with her, and molding my life around the ideologies that she teaches.  Without her, I wouldn't have ever gotten to the stage I am, and I am so grateful I have met her.  Even meeting with her once a week has had such a profound effect on me both mentally and physically.  Everything I've learned from her has helped me for the better.  She's worked a miracle with me, and I couldn't have hoped for more.





Gained 19.6 lbs lean body mass. Gained 19 inches

Lisa has changed my life. There's no better way of saying it! Through her tireless commitment to my diet and exercise, she has helped shape me into who i am today. Hands down the best trainer out there!! She makes you work hard and enjoy every minute of it! Truly there is no one else as suited as Lisa is to help you reach your athletic goals!  
I recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to better themselves both physically and mentally and who want a challenge they'll not ever forget! Lisa makes people into machines!!!





At first I was intimidated by Lisa because of how hardcore she was whenever I saw her at the gym. About a year ago I finally had the guts to introduce myself. I congratulated her for competing at the Olympia where she was up against the best in the world for female bodybuilding. Since knowing she was also a trainer I told her I was interested in hiring someone for a diet and training routine. By summer 2013 I was on a diet and training program from Lisa and started to increase my strength and size.

I have always wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition which is why I took the diet and training to the next level. After going through a rough break-up with a girlfriend of almost 3 years and finishing up a stressful summer of work and school, there was no better time to endeavor a new goal. Lisa and I sat down to discuss training for the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2013 which happens every year in New Westminster in November.  I have always trained and what I always thought was eating healthy. I learned my lesson once my diet from Lisa started for the event.

For 16 weeks I slowly decreased my calories from 4600 to barely 1800 calories. Each week I would weigh in with her before hitting the weights where she would guide me through an intense workout. She would take body fat, hydration and weight to see how she would calculate my next week’s diet. Even with all her guidelines for diet and training she stresses the importance of listening to my body. Her motivation helped drive me to lose 40 pounds (18% body fat to 5% body fat). Everyone is unique which is why I needed to listen to my body to make the right diet and training adjustments. By doing this I was able to maximize the quality of my workouts and see results.

Lisa is an inspiration to me which has changed many aspects of my life. She did not just give me a diet and training program but helped build an unbreakable mind/body connection that has forced me to grow mentally stronger. This connection has assisted me even outside the gym, keeping me clear and open minded. I have been sleeping better, training more intense, working harder and simply feeling better every day.  If you want to live a healthier life style through a personalized diet and training program, there is no one more qualified to set you on track then Lisa.




My name is Colin Ward and I am writing about my experience hiring Lisa Giesbrecht to design my custom diet and oversee my training.

A little bit about me to start. I am 40 years old and have been weight training for over 20 years now. I came from an athletic background and was quite fit growing up playing soccer in the winter and box lacrosse in the summer from the time I was 6 years old. By the time I turned 18 I was working a full time job as a carpenter apprentice and was starting to prefer my time in the gym over the rainy evenings out on the soccer pitch. By the time I turned 19 I was a regular gym rat and was enjoying the challenges I could give myself progressing in my weekly workouts.

Over the years I had varying degrees of success with my training and was able to build up a decent muscle base for a shorter guy of 5’7”. I had a general idea of proper nutrition to achieve my goals of building muscle but still had many questions about the best way to go about it. Everything with my diet was trial and error and because I was not tracking anything or comparing my results to previous plans, I found myself frustrated and did not know what worked best. I mean how could I still not know what to eat or how to achieve my goal after 20 years? Sadly, many train their whole lives without ever figuring this out...

I had seen Lisa training at my gym for a few years before I actually met her...and was impressed with her own training and work ethic in the gym. One of my best friends hired her to oversee his diet and training leading up to competing in his first bodybuilding show in November of 2013. This was a former training partner of mine who had a similar history of training as me so I was amazed to see how he was able to transform his physique under Lisa’s guidance.

I decided in June of 2014 I wanted to work with Lisa in order to lean down and lose some body-fat. I was impressed with how professional Lisa was in the initial consultation and learned we would need to take multiple progress benchmarks such as bodyweight, body-fat percentage, hydration levels, measurement of body parts, and pictures to visually chart my progress. I was also impressed to see that Lisa brought that same work ethic and determination that has helped her succeed in her own endeavors to her work with her clients.

Lisa worked with me helping to identify what my goal was. Once we established that, she was able to design a custom diet for me based on the kinds of foods I already enjoyed eating. No sense in trying to choke down food you don’t really like. I really liked how the guesswork was taken out of what I should be eating, how much I should be eating, and when I should be eating it. At first the diet seemed like a lot of food, but I was pleasantly surprised when I lost over 5 pounds in the first month alone.

I was also impressed (and relieved) with how flexible Lisa was when I approached her about a 4 day trip to Las Vegas for a wedding roughly half way through our program. She understands that we all have things that will come up from time to time and that occasionally a little break from training or diet can be good.

When I started out with Lisa in June of 2014 I weighed 188 lbs and when I finished up my cut diet I was able to get down to 163 lbs, a full 25 pound difference. I was really happy I was able to achieve my goal with Lisa’s help. I also learned a lot from Lisa along the way, as she is very open to drawing upon and sharing her own vast personal experiences. I have had many positive comments from people at work and at the gym remarking on how good of shape I am now in. I was also extremely happy to learn that I was as healthy on the inside as I

looked on the outside when I had a full physical completed when I turned 40. My LDL (bad) Cholesterol was extremely low and I was also maintaining a very healthy blood pressure.

I am really excited to continue working with Lisa in 2014. We have identified my new goal of maintaining my current conditioning and set about adding some lean muscle, a combination that I have never been able to successfully do on my own in the past.

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