April McLean Review

I highly recommend Lisa. I am not a bodybuilder competitor, but just a woman who loves to workout hard and lift. In my time with Lisa I have learned a lot about mind – muscle connection, which in turn really helps me to achieve better results. There were times prior to working with Lisa that I didn’t really understand exactly where I should be engaging the flex for each lift, when you know exactly where your efforts should be directed it makes a huge difference.In my first 20 weeks with Lisa I followed her nutrition program as well as a weekly weights sessions, I totally got the results I wanted. After being stuck / plateaued for a year or more I got the results I wanted by re-focusing my already good eating habits into even cleaner habits, that along with increased weightlifting knowledge, weekly killer workouts and weekly weigh in and assessments really kept me on track. You get great value for your money with Lisa, utmost professionalism, weekly emails sent with a copy of each workout completed, as well as your assessment details so you can follow your progress easily and follow a previous workout on your own time. Overall, very happy as I continue to train with Lisa once weekly