Lisa Giesbrecht started training for her first bodybuilding show in 2004. For the next few years, she competed in bodybuilding and figure, eventually making it to the 2008 figure nationals. In 2009 she found her passion in bodybuilding. She competed in the provincial and national levels until 2011 when she won her pro card. She went on to compete in a professional physique show in early 2012. Nine weeks later, she won the Toronto Pro Supershow in bodybuilding. This win qualified her to compete at the 2012 Ms. Olympia. This was a great accomplishment and honor. In 2014, she competed in three pro shows: Toronto, Chicago, and Tampa. She competed at the 2014 Ms. Olympia after placing 5th in Toronto and 2nd in Chicago.

With over 10 years of contest training and 20 shows under her belt, Lisa Giesbrecht is well qualified to help people achieve any fitness or nutrition goal. Her certifications include Personal Trainer certification, Fitness Nutrition certification, and Strength and Conditioning certification. She is also a Bodybuilding Specialist and Transformation Specialist. Lisa prides herself in paying attention to your individual goals and realizes everyone has different needs, body types, and lifestyles. She will create your custom program designed for maximum results.